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Smart Skinny Homes


What is a Skinny Home?

A skinny home is still a detached single-family home. It’s not like a duplex, where the two homes are attached in the center.

Typically, a 50-foot lot in a mature neighbourhood is divided into two after the old home comes down. Skinny homes are typically about 17 feet wide, with a lot of the living space coming from the depth.

Most skinny homes are designed with an open concept feel, which helps make good use of the space without feeling cramped or crowded.

There was some resistance to skinny homes in Edmonton at first, but now they’re popping up everywhere. That includes mature neighbourhoods like Glenora and Westmount, where the rules about dividing lots have been relaxed in recent years.

What Should I Consider Before Building a Custom Skinny Home in Edmonton?

If you’re building skinny homes in Edmonton, you’re likely an investor looking to sell a property for more than you paid for it. Or, you may be a previous homeowner (or you inherited a home), and you’d like to profit from the sale.

Homes by Tricolor has built skinny homes in Edmonton, and we know there are a few important considerations before you build. We have three recommendations for professionals who can make a major difference in the success of your sales:

  1. Hire a professional designer

One of the main challenges of building a skinny home is making great use of the space. Most homes are about 1750 sq ft, and many add a finished basement to that number. It’s not about lack of space as much as orientation. Skinny homes have to be designed differently than a usual square home, which takes the creative mind of an experienced designer.

  1. Hire a professional home builder with skinny home building experience

Many people will tell you building a new home (or two, in this case) is stressful. Here’s what we want to tell you: the home building process doesn’t have to be stressful at all. It might be exciting, and it might have you feeling a little nervous (which is normal). But if you hire a professional builder who takes customer service as seriously as the work itself, your home will be built beautifully, with any setbacks dealt with easily.

  1. Hire a professional realtor

Skinny homes with great floor plans, great custom building, and great finishes should sell themselves, right?

That’s not always the case, which is why it’s a good idea to hire a realtor to help sell your skinny homes. Where your home is located also makes a difference when it comes to how long it’s on the market. Skinny homes in mature neighbourhoods located near the river valley might sell faster than homes in other parts of the city where infills are still new. Either way, a realtor can often help move a property more quickly than a sale by owner will.

How Should I Choose a Custom Home Builder?

Homes by Yash homes has helped families move into their dream homes, while also helping investors, sellers, and homeowners create their dream lifestyle with properties that move fast on the market.

If you’re building a custom home or looking into skinny homes for your lot, bring your vision to us. We’ll sit down with you to talk about your goals, the lot, the plans (if there are any) and your budget. We can also direct you to some of the design and real estate professionals we’ve worked with successfully before.

You can also browse our project gallery to get a sense of the difference between regular infill homes and skinny homes.

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